The Problem Solving Experience Curriculum

The Problem Solving Experience: Classroom Curriculum Designed to Promote Problem Solving in the 21st Century is a complete curriculum targeted at grades 5-8, and portions can be adjusted for use with younger or older students.The curriculum can be implemented as a full semester course, or spread across 1-4 school years. Complete lesson plans and resource materials are provided.

The activities in this course are an outgrowth of the Future Problem Solving Program International, a program originally developed by E. Paul Torrance who was a pioneer in creativity. The curriculum provides direct instruction that introduces students to the creative problem solving process and then provides practice through the application of problem solving in a variety of contexts.

The course consists of lesson plans for nine units, with extensive resources for each unit including handouts, overheads, and teacher reference materials.

  • Preparation for Problem Solving
  • Problem Solving Experience 1: Eensy Weensy Spider
  • Problem Solving Experience 2: The Elephant’s Nose
  • Problem Solving Experience 3: Robin Hood
  • Problem Solving Experience 4: The Lorax
  • Problem Solving Experience 5: Harrison Bergeron
  • Problem Solving Experience 6: Smart Clothes
  • Problem Solving Experience 7: Digital Music Rights
  • Problem Solving Experience 8: Prejudice
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    $58 electronic download; $60 binder-ready with resource CD