The International Scenario Writing Competition requires a student to write a futuristic story based on one of the current year’s Future Problem Solving topics. Programs on an alternative school calendar may use the prior year’s topics. The composition must contain 1500 words or less and must occur at least 20 years into the future.

Scenarios are evaluated based on their content development, creativity, futuristic elements, and the author’s personal touch. The top three scenarios per division from each Affiliate Program and Mentored Region may be submitted to the International Scenario Writing Competition.

FPSPI’s International Scenario evaluation consists of two rounds. In the first round, each scenario is evaluated by three different evaluators and given three scores. The scenarios advancing to the final round receive five additional evaluations.

The top 5 writers in each division are published in the annual International Scenario Writing Champions book and are invited to attend the FPS International Conference where they receive their trophy and are able to compete in the Scenario Writing Team competition.

2018 Competition Key Dates

  • Registration - February 27
  • Submission - March 9
  • Results - April 16


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