Action-based Problem Solving

This year-long, non-competitive component is designed for use in the classroom and introduces students to the skills of creative problem solving in a hands-on, non-threatening manner. Students are encouraged to work on two topics, one per semester. Three divisions are offered: Primary (grades K-3), Junior (grades 3-6) and Middle (grades 6-9).

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Action-Based Problem Solving (AbPS)

AbPS Jr/Md AbPS Primary

AbPS is designed for integration into the classroom curriculum and can be used with the primary level (K-3) and up through grade 9. AbPS teaches a simplified version of the problem solving process, providing guidance in the writing of ideas. The materials may be used with a few students or with an entire class; either the teacher or the students may record the ideas that are generated; the work may be completed with complete teacher guidance or independently in small groups.

Some Affiliates offer AbPS as a non-competitive component. In these Affiliates, registration provides two additional problem solving scenes for students to address, and the registration entitles the teacher to submit the students’ work for evaluation twice during the year. Contact your Affiliate for more information.

Action-based Problem Solving Primary Division
Action-based Problem Solving Junior/Middle Division