Future Problem Solving Program International, Inc.
2014 International Conference

Iowa State University
June 12 - 15, 2014

Hosted by Iowa Future Problem Solving Program

Attending IC 2014?

Attention FPSPI 2014 International Conference Attendees: Pictures and videos will be taken and may be used in FPSPI promotional and other program materials.

IC Registration Website Instructions:

Please refer to the "IC Registration Website Instructions" in your FPS 2014 IC Registration Packet (page 9 participants and volunteers; page 6 evaluators).

*The site works best when you maximize your internet browser.

1. Click "Register Today"
2. Type email address, password, and access code and click "Create Account"
3. Type email and password used when creating the account in #2.
4. Click "Sign In" button



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Buddy-Up! Opportunity

FPSPI is offering all teams/individuals from outside the United States the opportunity to Buddy-Up! with a US team/individual during IC 2014. Buddy-Up! will place students together by division and component so they can communicate and share experiences throughout IC. FPSPI and ISU will do their best to place Buddy-Up! matches in the same residence hall.

Register for this opportunity by completing a brief survey (link below).

Register for FPSPI's Buddy-Up!

Graduating Senior Student Forum

Register now to attend the Graduating Senior Student Forum to be held on Friday, June 13, from 10-11 pm. This is a great opportunity to meet other graduating FPSPI seniors while discussing pertinent issues regarding Future Problem Solving Program International and learning about alumni opportunities. Pre-registration is required.

Register for the Graduating Senior Student Forum

Volunteer at International Conference

Do you have an interest in volunteering at International Conference 2014?
Please note:
1.  Volunteers must be recommended by an Affiliate Program or FPSPI.
2.  Volunteers are responsible for travel to the conference site.  
3.  FPSPI will provide on-campus housing and meals.
4.  Volunteers are expected to be present throughout the conference. 

If you meet the qualifications above and would like to volunteer, please complete a brief questionnaire by clicking on the link below.

Request to volunteer at IC 2014

2014 Topic - Space

Humans are driven to challenge the boundaries of society’s scientific and technical limits by exploring the unknown. For centuries this drive has inspired space exploration, resulting in new industries, collaborative relationships between nations, and expanded technology. Today many view space exploration as extravagant spending.  Others believe governments and private industry should invest more on space, knowing that the scientific research could one day yield better medicines and technologies for mankind. In the next fifty years, will only commercial satellites and military missiles fly above Earth’s atmosphere or will human curiosity push exploration even deeper into space?  Should we allow space exploration to be commercial and capitalistic ventures?  Is settlement on foreign planets and moons a thing of science fiction or a realistic possibility for the future?


Download the space poster, created by Cyd Rogers, Past-President FPSPI Board of Trustees, Texas Affiliate Director.



Prior International Conference Live Stream Events available on FPSPI Mart

The Opening Ceremony, Variety Show, and Award Ceremony events from IC 2012 and IC 2013 are available for purchase on FPSPI Mart. These events may be purchased separately or as a bundle.


Plan for 2015 International Conference

Iowa State University
June 11 - 14, 2015

Hosted by Iowa Future Problem Solving Program


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